O’Bagy: WSJ Could Use a Better Background Check

If Elizabeth O’Bagy has not received her doctorate before she used the “Dr.” then she has betrayed the public trust .  It is much easier to put a Dr. in front of a name than to receive the Ph.D. it represents.  Checking claimed credentials is no longer an option for new hires and contractors.  Just look at the damage this person may cause the well respected Wall Street Journal.

According to Politico’s article the excuse is as follows:”O’Bagy told POLITICO’s Kate Brannen in an interview Monday that she had submitted and defended her dissertation and was waiting for Georgetown University to confer her degree.”

See source article: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/09/wall-street-journal-elizabeth-obagy-fired-96637.html

The title of “Dr.” is well respected because of the scholars which have earned the title before her.  But O’Bagy may have used the title before she earned it while providing opinions and information for our country’s leadership to consider.

20% or more claimed degrees are fraudulent.  When a person lists a title or degree Linked In or a resume it is just a “claim” until we verify it is true and accurate.  No level of management or degree is immune to false claims.



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