Snowden Candidate Deception: Believing Fictitious Credentials

Snowden Candidate Deception: Believing Fictitious Credentials

IT Contractor candidates are trying to pull a “Snowden” everyday at Cluso Investigation.  Snowden received a GED and claimed he was in the process of receiving a Master’s degree. Red Flag.  We have had candidates claim a Master’s degree we could not confirm with the University.  The candidate offers us proof in the form of a Master’s “Program Certificate”.  How long does it take to get the Master’s program “certificate” ?  One semester and one night a week without any testing.  Does this sound like the Master’s degree you are thinking off which takes a significant investment of time and money?

Cluso offers the only background check processing with Candidate Trap techniques so you can be sure falsification by candidates will Ring Loud Alarm Bells by the time we are finished.  We find our clients are sympathetic and willing to listen to candidates.  After all, they already “promised” a talent to an end-client to start on a particular day, but if the candidate is not who they claim to be, the results can be disastrous.

We are often the voice of reason with our clients because after all, our clients WANT TO BELIEVE the candidate.  If it comes to light, the person was lying on their resume, it will ruin the agreement or contract.  What is worse, however, is if the person starts on an IT project and steals secrets like Snowden (or is just plain incompetent. )

We find the bond between the hiring recruiter/manager and the candidate is strong making it easy for a candidate to manipulate and lie, but we don’t mind taking the heat as long as the Truth about the candidate surfaces so our clients can stop making emotional decisions and realize they need to make an informed one when it comes to candidate deception.

When you hire a background screening service, it isn’t always about the criminal history since a person may not have been caught yet.  Instead a candidate investigation should be a difficult enough obstacle, it should become clear by the final report if the candidate is honest or deceptive.  And then all you have to do is make a decision based on the facts.

And even if in the short term the deal may fall through, I have no doubt it is an opportunity to strengthen your future business opportunities.  Especially after you explain you were not willing to risk their security for a candidate caught lying about credentials on their resume like Snowden.



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