New Security Speaking Topic “No Funny Business”

New Security Speaking Topic “No Funny Business”

New Security Speaking Topic: “No Funny Business”
Identity theft and candidate deception are no laughing matter, right?  For Sharon Sutila, CEO & Founder of Cluso Investigation these issues are commonplace.  Get ready to put your investigation “hat” on and learn from real behind-the-scenes stories on how to protect yourself from fraud.  Laugh & Learn as Sharon teaches with funny stories encountered while performing background checks on job candidates and fraud prevention investigation.  Sharon is the author of “The Informant” Blog featuring informative articles, news about the background check industry and comic strips providing a unique peek into the mysterious world of investigation.

Sharon Sutila is the CEO & Founder of Cluso Investigation, earned a Bachelor of Engineering Technology from the University of South Florida, and has a consulting history for IBM. Over 10 years experience providing process, development and deployment solutions in the USA background check & security industry. 6+ Years Majority Director & Founder of a Bangalore, India background check company. Primary Company Website: and “The Informant” Blog:

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