I Was Framed – “Rental Car Return Fugitive”

I Was Framed – “Rental Car Return Fugitive”

Have you ever had to return a rental car late at night without an attendant available?

If you have, you may have parked the car, put the keys in the box and left for the airport on the bus.  Would you have faith in the system enough to not worry about it again?  After this true story “I Was Framed – Rental Car Return Fugitive”, you may want to hold onto a few phone pictures of the car , keep a copy of the contract, and some other evidence you turned in the car.  Or you just may be stopped in your tracks by a Felony Fugitive Warrant for your arrest.

Rental Car Return Fugitive

The Real Story 

An Orlando, Orange County Florida criminal search revealed a Felony case with a Active Fugitive Warrant to our client’s prospective Consultant (Employee).  The reaction by our client was shock since the person was supposed to start a job in a few days.  The Consultant was upset when we were called but must have thought there was just some mistake which could be cleared up quickly.  The Consultant was facing a mountain to climb and didn’t know it yet.

The Felony case was filed over 6 years prior.  A rental car agency claimed the Consultant did not return a rental car.  We sent the details of the case to the Consultant since the Consultant seemed to be blind-sided by the news of this filed case.

After looking into the case details we provided along with the warrant, the Consultant realized the case was not a joke – it was a real case and absolutely matched to the driver license he held in that year.

Then after reviewing old travel logs the Consultant confirmed the date the car rental was picked up, BUT remembered dropping off the car at another location (same national rental car agency.)

Finally after a day or so the Consultant starts to fully remember what happened.  After all it has been 6 years and lots of traveling all over for this Consultant.  The drop off was a small rental car location, the car lot was dark, he parked the car, dropped the keys in the lock box onsite.  Now after 6 years we found his Felony Fugitive Warrant.

The rental car company says the car was never turned in.  The consultant doesn’t have a receipt or even the contract receipt any longer.  And the Consultant doesn’t have any proof the car was turned in.  The only thing he can do is to get a good lawyer, confront the warrant and filed case, and resolve the issue head-on.

Our client cannot hire a person with a Felony Fugitive Warrant, so the job opportunity would have to be put on hold until there is a resolution.

Now we don’t know if the Consultant was telling the truth or not.  Did the Consultant keep the car?  I tend to believe the Consultant because I have had a similar situation in my consulting days.  Traveling and arriving at all hours (rental car lots closed) with a similar drop off scenarios.  The horrifying idea someone at the rental car lot could take the car for their own purposes for years blaming me for not having returned it never crossed my mind until this story.  What if someone broke into the lock box and took the car before the rental car attendant’s came in.  Very scary idea and now I have seen this first hand.


Have you ever dropped off a rental car and not received a receipt because of a similar circumstance?  Do you believe the rental car company or the Consultant? Give us your comments.


Filed case details from the source are reported by us as facts.  We do not determine guilt or innocence.  If a case is filed about you, you need to resolve the case with the source court before a background check report will reflect the resolution.  If you have an active warrant for your arrest and it surfaces during our background check, you will likely lose your job opportunity due to the time it takes to resolve the warrant.


Only drop off a rental car if you receive a receipt.  If you are forced to turn in a car at a night drop-off location, take pictures and keep evidence with you just in case this happens to you.  You may also want to follow up with the rental car agency the next day to ensure they have received the car back into their system.  If they have, you should request proof is sent to you.  If there is a problem and it is only a day or so surveillance cameras may be able to sort out the issue by calling the police.  Once 6 Years goes by you will have a very difficult time proving you turned in the car.


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