Job Candidate Confessions Vol. 3 Identity Thief

Job Candidate Confessions Vol. 3 Identity Thief
Job Candidate Confessions - Jimmy Joe

Jimmy Joe

Job Candidate Confessions – Journal Entries Vol. 3 – Identity Thief

Job Candidate Confessions Vol. 3 is an entertaining set of journal entries about a fictional part-time job candidate, Jimmy Joe, using a stolen identity.   Read the entries and comment if you think Jimmy Joe will continue to be able to use the identity undetected for his next identity theft use.

My Journal

Wednesday, 10-17-2012:  “Widow” is my new Match dot com profile status.  My EX hasn’t kicked the bucket but I figure I can get a few extra dates.  But until she does kick the bucket, I’m NEVER getting ahead.  She’s garnishing my paycheck to cover back child support. I need a new approach.

Wednesday, 10-31-2012:  You got to love Halloween parties where people leave jackets and bags laying around while they take their brats around the neighborhood to stuff their faces. I had a good 30 min to find a briefcase with an ID in it.  And I hit the jackpot too! The guy must have just got back from an overseas trip because I found his passport and copy of his f his SSN.  Boy, he did the right thing and was prepared for losing his wallet Overseas because it was just what I needed.  Finally, I got a break.  So I walked over to the officejet and made my own copies.  Of course I put the passport and SSN copy where I found them.  He’ll never know.  It’s not like I want his identity for borrowing money or anything.  I just want a little job I can work without my EX sucking the life out of my paycheck!

Monday,11-05-2012: OK so maybe it’s wrong to apply for a job with this other guy’s ID but I can’t take it anymore. She got the house.  I live in a one bedroom apartment and can’t afford Sunday Ticket. It’s time to be creative.

Friday, 11-09-2012: I met a guy from an online ad list.  His forte? Making fake State IDs.  I promised I would not use the SSN card for getting credit.  I told him I was just trying to start a part time job with IDs which look real based on the ID copies I made.   Man, this guy was a document genius – well worth the money.

Saturday,11-10-2012:  Why didn’t I think of moonlighting at a sporting goods job sooner?  I get a discount on fishing poles and the EX can’t touch my check.  I picked “4” to claim on the W4.  That means I get all the money TAX FREE, BABY.  This is what I call a Win-Win.

Saturday, 12-15-2012:  Gravy Train ends soon.  I just received my lay off notice.  My dream job is going away at the end of the year.  I knew the job was seasonal so it’s All Good. I’ll have to come up with Plan B.

Saturday, December 22-2012:  Was talking to another guy at work today.  He said he’ll be applying for unemployment and another government program next week.  I suppose since my Fake ID Status is now “Unemployed“, my new identity can apply for government benefits.  This guy is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I changed my match dot com profile to this other guy’s name and the profile Status is now “Single”.  My “Morning” period is over.  Time to PARTY!





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