I Was Framed – “Beating the Background Check”

I Was Framed – “Beating the Background Check”

Comic Background Check Release Authorization

Job Candidates can be extremely creative.  If you knew you had a criminal record and you were facing a criminal background check, would you try to beat it?

This comic strip “I Was Framed – “Beating the Background Check” highlights the length job candidates will go through to try to beat a background check.

Please note this Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and any information in this blog post is not meant as legal advice.  This article is not meant to act as or take the place of a professional legal consultation.

Here is a List of Ways a Job Candidate May Try To Beat the Background Check

  1. Provide a slight misspelling to one part of the legal name.  If handwriting, a letter is meant to be interpreted intentionally in the wrong way
  2. Drop an “S” or extra letter from a last name like “Sims” to “Sim” or  “Simm”to “Sim”
  3. Reversing the date of birth month and day such as May 10 is provided as 10/05.  Note: USA default is “MM/DD/YYYY.”  If the person is a global professional or foreigner this may not be intentional because other countries do reverse to “DD/MM/YYYY”.  Be careful to ensure you ask for the spelled out Date of Birth.
  4. Omit residential locations of where the criminal case is filed
  5. Use another’s identity (identity theft or plain conspiracy.)
  6. Strike-through the authorization release language
  7. Delay the release paperwork return in order to give less time to the background check company [hoping the background check company makes a mistake].  We call this “The Squeeze”
  8. Omit the Social Security Number or Omit the Date of Birth
  9. Use current date in the place of a Date of Birth.
  10. Providing fake documentation hoping we will not check independently.
  11. Getting a State ID listing a misspelling.  State IDs show more errors in legal name spelling than Driver’s licenses or passports.
  12. Claim to be a victim of identity theft.
  13. If asked about disclosing a conviction, the candidate may list “No” instead of “Yes” [even though he or she may have a criminal conviction history.]


Would you notice if a job candidate did a strike-through on the background check authorization release?


There are many methods job candidates may employ to try to beat the background check.


Make sure you cross check identity with the background check authorization to ensure the information to the background check company is not in error.


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