Good, Bad & The Ugly

Innovative or crazy?  Everyday we are clobbered with the “ugly” problems of our society.  Is there no one to rescue us…or at least lead us on a path of a few real solutions?  It dawned on me during this recent wake-up call of a business competition.  Our whole society is becoming entrenched with status-quo business solutions to benefit from the ever-growing problems.  Does that mean we may have created a society that has figured out it is profitable to have these problems around?  There are many market needs and some market “needs” should be left unfilled.  Candy is bad for you but oh man there is a need for that stuff.

Oh that’s just crazy…get rid of candy? Ever hear the crazy idea cancer won’t be cured because of how much money it commands?  Who knows but problems create new markets.  Is there a business person out there waiting in the shadows ready to pounce on the next crisis?

If you like a western, maybe you loath the bad guy and you root for the good guy, right?  I’m starting to wonder if we are starting to root for the bad guy now in our society.  Or maybe we’ve decided there are no good or bad guys – only grey area “people”.

Well our company profits from the growing distrust and worry of bad (or grey people) lurking in our circles, and I have to stop and re-evaluate.  We want to wear the good hats and save the day, but we need a real solution that changes the trend.  Many years (too many) I wanted a solution to prove I had the credentials I was listing on my resume.  Back then only a few were skeptical of what was listed on a resume because most of us were being pretty honest.  Now, resumes reads like skilled “fiction”.  And for those of you with some higher moral standard to tell the truth, you are washed out like sand on a beach, but I have a solution for you.

For those of you which want to be part of a solution…be the good “guys” or “gals” and are telling the truth – egoCertified is the way for you to stand out for your honesty.


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  2. Richard Posey // August 29, 2011 at 12:13 pm // Reply

    Good and evil seem to have a certain synergy … yin and yang, if you well. And, as your business demonstrates, growth of one means growth of the other. A growth in crime means that those institutions that counter crime must grow, and in the process empires are built. War is always healthy for the Defense Department, if not necessarily so for the soldiers it sends into battle.

    In the same sort of vein, it’s also difficult to “just be who you are” when your competition for employment has amped up every aspect of their being to be larger than life … and, too often, larger than truth. We can’t be “quietly effective,” anymore, if we want to stand out from the hordes of people who are clamoring for jobs. “Truth” is no longer enough … it seems it must be inflated and colorized.

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