Get the Identity Wrong, Then Don’t Bother

Is there a big difference between last name “Sim” and “Sims” on a background check report?  The answer is so much a YES that if you get the identity wrong, don’t bother continuing with the rest of a criminal report.  If your existing company returns a background report with a notation “Area of Concern” or flag with an identity and you figure out after-the-fact the name was spelled wrong on the searches conducted (for the criminal portion), throw away the result and start over because someone may be cleared which has a criminal record.  It happens all the time.  We correct an intentional or unintentional name spelling and a case appears.

How do we fix this problem for our clients? We eliminate wasteful criminal research based on incorrect identity by cross-checking identity and spelling first, flagging it early and allowing our clients to make corrections before the criminal research begins.  Automated and integrated systems don’t have decision checkpoints to stop a background check until the identity is reconfirmed and corrected, but we do.


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