I Was Framed – “Twisted Truth Deception”

I Was Framed – “Twisted Truth Deception”

Candidate deception has a gradient scale.

Twisted Truth <————————————————————->Fraud

On one side of the scale is extreme deception possibly characterized as fraud.  On the lighter version of candidate deception we see a tactic we call Twisted Truth.  “I Was Framed – Twisted Truth” Story 9  is inspired by a true story behind the scenes at Cluso, a Texas licensed Private Investigation Company.


The Real Story 

In the comic strip the gal claimed to work for the bank but the bank said it wasn’t true.  We have this happen all the time.  Let the candidate trapping begin.  We’ll ask the candidate if we made some mistake in which bank we contacted because the bank didn’t confirm.  The candidate usually responds that the bank made the mistake.  This is a Delay tactic.  The candidate needs time to figure out how they are are going to explain the false information they originally provided.

After requesting information and proof, the candidate finally [after several days] breaks down and admits she worked for the temp service and the temp service assigned her to working at the bank.  The reason we know it is actual deception is because of the delay to provide the truth.

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When the bank is listed on a resume of course you would assume she meant she actually worked for the bank but she will say in a twisted truth defense she was putting down where she worked.  When we call the temp agency they confirm she was assigned to the bank for a short period of time.  The candidate’s Twisted Truth’s objective is to put themselves in a more attractive light to the hiring company, but if caught there is a simple explanation for the Misunderstanding.  The excuses range and it creates, for us, a picture of a potentially manipulative person in the workplace.

Another example would be if Mr. Job Candidate provides a resume and claims “Texas University,  Business Administration.”  It is reasonable to assume the person is claiming a business degree from the University.  In reality the ambiguity is set up for excuses heaven.  I’ll name a couple: “I never said I received a Business Administration degree; I took some Business Administration classes” or “It was a certificate program.”  The truth translation for the 2nd excuse is “I attended a night class one day a week for a few months and received a Thanks for Attending certificate.” By the way, we have found this issue with Master Degree “Certificate” programs.  They are not the same thing you think of when you think Master’s degree and what it takes to complete the traditional curriculum.

Investigative background reports uncover the truth after a diligent effort.  Once we figure out the truth we see the little deceptions of the candidate in a new light.  We then understand why the candidate didn’t enter which year they graduated for the degree; Because they really didn’t graduate.  


Some candidates twist the truth to put themselves in a better light.  After investigating into these little white lies we find the process of getting to the truth very revealing about how manipulative candidates can be and at what great lengths they will go to in order to keep their twisted truth a secret.  When the job candidate is finally cornered they will say they didn’t know, didn’t understand, or will say it was a Misunderstanding and the employer assumed they meant something they did not.


On a resume a candidate will put a school and a degree.  The natural assumption is the candidate is claiming to have received the degree. But not so fast!  Our tip to you is to stop make assumptions and ask questions about the missing information up front in an interview.  Try to Untangle the twisted truth as quickly as possible and save yourself weeks of delays from the candidate during the background check investigation.


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    Hello! Ok! The_Informant – I Was Framed – "Twisted Truth Deception" -!

  5. […] I Was Framed : Episode 9 – “Twisted Truth” […]

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