I Was Framed – “Big House Employee Background Checks”

I Was Framed – “Big House Employee Background Checks”

Congratulations to Contest Winner: PeopleCheck Pty. Ltd. for their real story submission inspiring our latest comic strip “I Was Framed – Big House Courier Background Checks”. 

Our Next Contest begins April.  Submit your Story in our next Contest and have a comic strip illustrated for your company.

Imagine you were a business owner and your client calls to tell you one of your employees robbed their house earlier that same year.  The trust goes right out of the window.  And the next question is likely “Don’t you run background checks on your employees?”  Well, do you?

If you weren’t doing background checks and decided to run a few, you are likely going to get a big shock at the skeletons in the company closet.   This comic is inspired by the real life story submitted by PeopleCheck.contestwinner

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The Real Story

In the real story the company was NOT run by a boss from prison.  We depicted the comic this way for an extra laugh and also to bring up the serious subject of private security company ownership in America.  In the real story a company owner was confronted by a client claiming the employee had robbed the client’s house earlier that year.  The real business owner, from Australia, sprinted to find PeopleCheck, an Australian background check company.   So why did we depict a business owner in prison?  Because in the USA many background check companies are owned and operated by people without licensing and without being checked for criminal history.

Some background check companies ignore licensing requirements of their states by claiming exemptions equating themselves to court record retrievers.  Others claim they are not “CRA”s and don’t require licensing.  Others just reside in states which do not have laws requiring licensing for background check companies.

In Texas background check companies are required to hold a private security license in order to provide a “report” about someone to a third party.  The one exemption is court record retrievers (exempted in the occupational code.)  If the Texas background check company is not PI licensed, they are likely in violation if they are providing “reports” to employers to make hiring decisions.

But why is licensing important?  Because without licensing, the owner of a background check company could be, themselves, a serious criminal.  In order to own a private security company in Texas an owner must first be approved which includes an FBI fingerprint check and also the owner must follow strict regulations to not have criminal charges or offenses on their record.   Cluso Investigation is TX PI licensed and this means not only are any owners approved by the state, all employees handling reports and research are also Investigators, hold PI licenses and are also approved by the state and FBI fingerprinted.  The extra regulations are essential to ensure personal private data is secure and not used for criminal purposes.

One of the main concerns about healthcare.gov and the “navigators” is they are handlers of personal, private information and if they are not licensed and approved like Private Investigators.  The amount of harm may be immense if an identity is stolen, so the person handling personal, private information should be held to a higher security standard than the general public.

Since we have a contest winner from an Australian background check company we would like to take a moment to recognize and recommend local background investigation companies like PeopleCheck Solutions.  Local expertise is essential to ensuring local and Federal laws are followed and also local background check companies know the court system and data record availability best.  No one company is an expert at all countries and background investigation is best left to the experts located in each country.


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