egoCertified ™ Pilot Program

egoCertified ™  Pilot Program

Whether you are a licensed professional, just starting your career or a business management team creating proposals, egoCertified™ is a way for you to stand out in the job market or among your competitors.  You own and manage the egoCertified™ report and you have the control over the truth reported about your credentials.  Once the report is created, egoCertified™ can follow and update all your amazing accomplishments.  Use egoCertified™ to sell yourself in the job market showing you didn’t just make claims on your resume… You earned them!

Cleves Research, a licensed private investigation company, has started a pilot program looking for job seekers out of work.  We are accepting 150 IT, Medical or other professionals for our Pilot program for FREE.  Our objective in this pilot program is to show egoCertified™ reports will assist our participants in getting a job.  We are already underway by receiving participants from AITP Dallas (Association of IT Professionals ) and DiRTi (Disaster Incident Response Training Institute .)

If you are interested in signing up for egoCertified, email


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