Effect of the Government Shutdown on Commercial Background Checks

government-shutdownIdentity cross-check in general is not affected; however, SSA89 form (CBSV) confirmation to determine SSN ownership with the Social Security Administration is unavailable at this time.  The E-Verify system is also unavailable.

Delays may be caused for final reports when further investigation is required and a government source agency must be contacted.

Most federal court system searches are not effected because of pacer.gov electronic court availability.  However, if we have questions because of the information provided by pacer.gov (such as questions for federal prosecutors or  U.S. court clerks), we may be unable to get a response until the government resumes normal operation.  Without definitive information some of our final reports may be delayed until we can get the answers we need.

State sources and local courts systems are operating as usual.  Standard turnaround applies for those sources.  Credential verification is mostly unaffected.  Employment payroll records are available commercially without issue; however, if we need to follow up if a candidate claims the electronic data is incorrect (and the agency is government funded), our resolution for the final result may also be delayed.

Our general operation is not effected; however, delays may be inevitable for the reasons I mentioned above.  If a client’s background check report is affected by non-responsive or unavailable sources, we are communicating the delay immediately.

There is an unexpected impact to job candidates when reports are delayed due to unavailable sources .  Many contractor positions require a finished background report before allowing onsite access to facilities.


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