Job Candidate Confessions – Journal Entries Vol. 1

Job Candidate Confessions – Journal Entries Vol. 1


Job Candidate Confessions - Sven


Job Candidate Confessions – Journal Entries Vol. 1

Note: Job Candidate Confessions is an entertaining set of journal entries about a fictional job candidate trying to hide a criminal past.  Find out what is being hidden and how he tries to keep it a secret.

My Journal

10-1-2013:  I finally got the interview for the tech support job I applied for last month.  That Linked-In account really helped.  I claimed the Microsoft Certification and no one questioned it.  Suckers!  My unemployment  is running out so I’m starting to sweat a little.  Of course there’s always my girlfriend to fall back on but lately she’s been nagging me  about how I play video games ALL Day.

Of course the interviewer lady Had to ask me about that BIG gap in my employment history.  In response I asked her a question about the vacation photos on her desk and she quickly forgot her question.  She spent a good amount of time talking about herself instead of me and that always makes the time go by Much Faster!  She said she would let me know within a week.

10-7-2013:  Woohoo!  The Interviewer lady called today and said I have a contingent offer for a Help Desk Support job.  And all I have to do is fill out a background check release form.  WTF!  Some Investigation company logo is on it.  Time to do some research on what they can find out about me.

10-8-2013:  I called up the background check company today and  they said they do a pretty thorough job .  The PI lady asked me to spell my last name so I gave her “Smith”.  I told her I had an identity theft issue and I don’t give out my identity anymore.  She said to just send in the paperwork and if anything else is needed, she would call me.  I read online somewhere if the background check company uses the wrong name spelling my background check will “clear”, so I put in a couple of typos.  I figure even if they catch me, I can just say I made an innocent error…Ooops.

10-9-2013:  Pesky investigation company called and left a voice mail message today wanting an SSN correction and DL copy.  *&^^#$%!!!

10-10-2013:  Spent a good amount of time researching on Google what shows up on a background check and also looking into the background check company.  Getting a job is such hard work!  I’m tired.  The Interviewer lady called and left a message about an identity flagging issue.  I emailed her I’m not feeling well; I told her I think I have the flu.

10-11-2013:  I figure I should take my chances and just give the corrections.  Maybe I can use the identity theft as an excuse if they find anything.  I told the Interviewer lady I read over my submission and must have been so excited I innocently made a few typos.  My bad!

10-12-2013:  Played Xbox and got some zzzzzzz’s.

10-13-2013:  No calls from the Interviewer lady.  Made it to Prestige level on my game today.  I’m the “Master Gamer”!

10-14-2013:  I got a “pre-adverse action” letter in my e-mail today.  They found that little Grand Larceny Felony conviction I received for permanently borrowing two servers from my past employer …from like TEN years ago.  It was 2009 and the judge gave me weekend jail for two months.  Didn’t seem like a conviction to me.  Don’t they have limits to how many years they can report a case?!

10-15-2013:  Told my girlfriend it would be great to get a PlayStation 4 for Christmas.

We Want Your Comments!  Can you think of any skeletons you want for our fictional job candidates to try to hide from their next employer?  Also check out Volume 2: Scott the job candidate is hiding drug use.

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