Background Check Nightmare Stories want to hear from you!

Tell us your nightmare story. 

We all know that background screening is serious business, and all too often those checks can lead to some serious headaches for the employer, as well as the job candidate. This is especially true when the background check is done incorrectly or is incomplete.

Are you an employer who’s had a background check nightmare scenario like this? ( Inaccurate reports / deceptive candidate / lawsuits)


Are you a job seeker with a story to tell? (Inaccurate report due to common name / falsified information on background checks / false accusations)
We want to learn from you! You can make a difference by helping us learn how other companies have fallen short. We will use the information for awareness, education, and to create better investigative methods for future backgrounds we conduct. If you know someone with a story, please send this blog information to them to submit their story.

Click Here to tell us your story.


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